who is eligible to participate in Ops21?

Any manufacturer or industrial business operating within the 5 boroughs of NYC.

What are the benefits to participating in this program?

Participating in the Ops21 program offers many benefits, including:

  • Increasing your company’s awareness of new technologies

  • Learning how applicable technologies can be implemented to improve your bottom line

  • Implementing relevant new technologies

  • Working with technical experts on a comprehensive assessment and technology roadmap

How much does it cost to participate in this program?

All workshops are free-of-charge, with the exception of the advanced robotics workshop, which is 50% subsidized. Program implementation costs will vary on a project by project basis. If you are interested in exploring potential implementation projects or applying for the deep dive assessment, please contact us at Futureworks@itac.nyc.

What will be covered in the workshops?

We have tailored the curriculum of each workshop to the specific needs of NYC manufacturers within advanced materials, digital manufacturing and robotics.  We have conducted an extensive citywide manufacturer survey, obtaining input from over 150 manufacturers, to make sure the topics covered during the workshops are the ones that matter the most to our manufacturers. Please send us suggestions of topics that matter to you at Futureworks@itac.nyc.

I only want to participate in one of the workshops. Can I do that?

Yes, absolutely!

What is the schedule?

Workshop will take place on multiple dates and in multiple locations citywide; June through December 2018. To see the workshop schedule, click here.