ITAC’s team of Technology Experts is available to help you scope and implement projects in the areas of Digital Manufacturing, New or Advanced Materials and Robotics.

NYC manufacturers interested in implementing such projects are also eligible to apply for Ops21 Advanced Technology Implementation grants in order to lessen the cost of technology implementation.

The Ops21 Grant Application is now open for submittals! See “apply for project implementation grant” button below.

The first round of applications will be reviewed by our Ops21 Selection Committee in mid to late January 2019; we will then continue our review process monthly, on a rolling basis.

For eligibility criteria, see below.

To save time on your application, we recommend that you review and complete the offline Ops21 Grant Application worksheet first, click here to download.  This will enable you to gather the information you need prior to starting the application online.

Reach out today to to learn more.

Eligibility Criteria

In addition to being a NYC manufacturing company, your company or project needs to meet the following criteria to be eligible for an Ops21 Grant:

  • The implementation project needs to fall under one of the following advanced manufacturing technology areas:

    • Advanced Materials, Digital Manufacturing, Robotics

  • We will also consider Additive Manufacturing/3D printing-related projects, but such projects will be funded on an exception basis only, as the Ops21 program did not focus on this topic area. Please reach out to the Ops21 team to discuss prior to applying at

  • Your project must have the support of your company’s leadership and the commitment of the resources necessary to execute the project (people, access, and funds, as needed)

  • Your company must be willing to define project deliverables, report project impacts (immediate impacts, as well as impacts 1-5 years following completion), and be willing to complete a case study (without sharing any IP), success story, and provide photos and quotes.

  • Your company must be revenue-producing. This program is for established manufacturers, and is not intended to support startups.

  • Your company must be established in and have operated in NYC for over 5 years. Those operating for less than 5 years may be approved on an exception basis.

  • The project must benefit your NYC operations.

  • If selected, your company must be willing and have the funds to pay for the balance of the project cost that is not covered by the Ops21 Grant. In addition, your company must be motivated to find the financial resources to complete the project (either through internal or external funds), even if not selected to receive Ops21 funds.

Note: if your company is a NYC industrial company providing services to manufacturers within NYC's five boroughs, you may be eligible to apply. Reach out the Ops21 team at to confirm if this exception is applicable to your business.

As a note, companies who are selected as finalists for Ops21 Project Implementation Grants, may be asked to submit financial documents to determine eligibility, and may be asked to attend an interview.

If you have any questions on the criteria above, we recommend that you email the Ops21 team at to set up a time to discuss, before submitting your company’s application.



ITAC is proud to have partnered with EWI, a leading engineering and technology organization dedicated to developing, testing and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies for industry.

EWI will work with one NYC manufacturer to conduct a deep dive assessment, evaluate the current state of their technology, identify goals and gaps, and outline a detailed technology roadmap for how to get there.

Reach out today to to find out more.